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  • Player
  • Zombie
  • Items
  • Car
[Player Esp Details][/size]
  • Box
  • Skeleton
  • HeadCross
  • Snaplines
  • HeadCircle
  • Health
  • BackPack
  • Primary / Secondary Weapon
  • Distance
  • Name
[item ESP Details][/size]
  • Distance
  • Ammo / Ammount (weapons / money)
  • Players
  • Players Health
  • Warnings (Players Around you etc)
[Aim Assist][/size]
  • Aim Assist +- 100 m.
  • BulletDrop Calibration (ONLY SNIPERS!!!!).
  • Ghost Hack
  • SuperJump
  • NoClip
  • Aggro SnapLines
  • Crosshair
  • Save / Load
  • AutoLoad (Makes Life Easier)
  • Menu and Radar Draggable (hold shift)
  • Distance Editor (Sliders)
  • Beep on New Player.
Toggle Menu: TAB (fairfight detects insert, and other keys).[/size]

Move Radar / Menu: Hold Shift and drag them.[/size]

See Loot / Zombies: E[/size]

NoClip: V [/size]

SuperJump: Space[/size]

Ghost: Mouse Wheel Click.[/size]

Aim Assist: Acts Automatically on shooting a target < 150 m.[/size]

To exit hack: F6.[/size]




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A moze ktos napisac czego ma nie robic by fairfight nie zbanował kiedy moge a kiedy nie moge uzywac aima,noclip,superjump i ghosta?? a iczy mogę włączyć tego hacka w trakcie gry gdzi moja postac jes juz na mapie

Też bedę prosił o jakies podpowiedzi jak grac by nie dostac na 100% bana .

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Jak nie dostac bana od autora tego cheatu

How do i avoid getting banned?

There are some nice things to take in mind when playing:
  • Don't use NamePlates, or anything in a ce table. (Maybe NoRecoil could be fine, and maybe superzoom).
  • Never use any kind of instalogout or GI everywhere.
  • Don't use PayHacks, they will always get you ban because of their risky features.
  • Don't talk about UC or any kind if site like this, and of course, anything hack related in the game chat.
  • Avoid Pressing Insert, delete and such keys.
  • Never change direction when a player spawns close to you.
  • If you see good loot in a specific place, dont run straight to it, loot the whole city and pretend you "found it".
  • Never follow player you cant legitimally see.
  • Never stay behind a tree to avoid him seeing you, unless its obvious that he is there.
  • Never rush someone camping , thats too damn obvious.

You might think: ffs that is complete BS..

Well, the other day i was playing with some friends. While i camped with my nice and adorable blaser, y told my friends where the good loot was and they ran to it.
They both got banned and no, they don't have any kind of hacks. So next time you get banned by FF, dont blame the hack, blame yourself.

FairFight Bans With Only ESP


If you got Banned By fairfight, and you where using a external esp (or internal with ss cleaner), and its not because of the reasons listed above, its not the hack's fault, its yours for playing too damn obvious. So you can't blame the cheat, unless you use features such as nospread, speedhacks, etc..

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